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​What snow load and wind load is BLIKIR designed to withstand?

The exact loads the carport can withstand are site-specific because each load depends on the other and on the wind exposure category. We are offering an Extra Heavy Duty upgrade that can improve the load capacity of the carport. We have created a table (please refer to the engineering letter or link) that specifies the maximum wind load and snow load for each situation.


For example, for a site with wind exposure category B and a wind load of 140 mph, the maximum snow load would be 40.9 lbs/sqf when adding the Extra Heavy Duty upgrade and 27.5 lbs/sqf without the upgrade.

BLIKIR Loads Example.png

The job site is located near the ocean. Is the carport designed to withstand salt air?

We design the BLIKIR carport to resist corrosion in salt air environments or other corrosive conditions, such as farms and coastal locations, for longer than the lifespan of solar PV systems. All steel components undergo galvanization and then a special powder coating process that ensures the paint bonds effectively to the galvanized steel. Additionally, the bolts and nuts are carefully selected to withstand such harsh conditions.

Is the carport available with different tilts?

We are offering the carports only with a 5-degree tilt to reduce the impact of high wind loads. The difference in power generation between a 5-degree tilt and a 15-degree tilt is negligible. Several simulation software tools are available to calculate the variance in annual power generation.

What colors are available?

BLIKIR carports are available in multiple colors, including black, tan, and white.

Can I order the carport in different dimensions to fit the job site space?

The BLIKIR RCP-2 is designed to fit a standard 2-car space, which is 9 feet per car, with an additional overhang of 1 foot in each direction to accommodate an array of 24 solar modules. While we can fabricate a carport with a smaller width, the depth cannot be changed.

Which solar panel brands are compatible with the BLIKIR carport?

The BLIKIR carport is compatible with any solar module as long as the module is framed and has a minimum lip of 15 mm.

If you're interested in installing a module that doesn’t meet this requirement, you can choose an alternative clamping method instead of the IronRidge CAMO.

Can I order a carport with higher columns to accommodate an RV?

The height of the columns is set. We heard from installers who wanted to use this for RV parking that they installed the BLIKIR RCP-2 carport on concrete pillars. When doing that, you will need to get a structural PE approval.

Can I order the BLIKIR RCP-2 carport with lower columns?

You can dig your piers deeper in the ground and install the column base plates below ground level. Note that all columns should be vertical. Read the installation guide for more details about this option.

​Can I install a metal roof sheet on the structure before installing the solar modules?

When a carport has a roof underneath the solar modules, it is not considered a solar structure and therefore it is not eligible for the ITC.


If you want the solar array to be watertight, consider adding the T-Gasket and decorative mesh accessories.

Can I install the Carport RCP-2 as a canopy in my backyard?

Absolutely. The RCP-2 can be used as a carport and as a canopy. You can also add side decorative mesh to your structure if you are interested.

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