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BLIKIR was established with the homeowner in mind. After years of experience in the solar market, we have noticed that many people want to go solar but don't. The reason usually has to do with their roof - some don't want to have work done on their roof, others are waiting for the next time in which they will have to replace their roof to install solar on their home. In some cases people's home is just too shaded and installing solar on it does not make any sense.

And then we had the perfect solution - we have designed a product that could be installed as a carport or as a canopy - depending on the customer's needs. It can hold up to 24 panels, and produce about 8kW of electricity. Knowing our customers, we made sure that this will be an installation that they can take on easily - no heavy machinery, and a small crew can easily and quickly install BLIKIR's carport / canopy.

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