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Residential Solar Carports & Canopies

Made in the USA


  • Up to 24 panels per carport

  • Generate 10kW with 410W or 550W solar panels

  • Solar panel and inverter agnostic - will work with any solar equipment of your choice

  • Connect multiple carports with shared columns using the tandem version

  • Pre-designed with engineering letters to make permitting quick and easy

  • Eligible for the extended 30% ITC (considered a solar structure) and potentially also the additional 10% for domestic content

  • Stamped by a structural engineer out of the box with load capacities of

    • Up to 48 PSF snow load

    • Up to 215 MPH wind load

    • Seismic design category A to F

RCP-2 Standard Dimensions

Side dimensions
Front dimensions
Top Dimensions

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